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Video Production

Use video to generate leads and increase sales in your business.

Social Media

Leverage the power of social media to grow your brand.

Website Design

Convert traffic into measureable results and sales.


Develop a winning strategy for long term business growth.

Your competitors are creating brands that allow them to charge higher prices, book their calendars solid and build businesses that survive hard times...

Wouldn't you like to do that?


It's time to stop letting your competitors outshine you. Building your own brand online isn’t just about surviving—it's about creating a predictable system that helps your business thrive.

With a strong online presence, you can command higher prices, fill your schedule with ease, and create a business that weathers any storm.

We have the tools and strategy, you have the potential; it's time to put them to use.

I Help Businesses Like Yours With:

  • The Basics: Most businesses are making simple mistakes that cost them a ton of money in missed opportunity. Don't let it be you.

  • Increase Inbound Leads: Why go out and hunt for business when you can create bait that attracts your ideal customer?

  • Build Your Own Brand: The one thing that can never be taken from you: Your brand. Build a following and loyal audience that pays you forever.


Video Content Produced (Hrs)

Influencing decisions, building brands and creating relationships.


Local Business Clients

I'm one of the few educators that still works in the industry.


Marketing Emails Sent

Direct response marketing is alive and well, you need to make use of it.


Inbound Leads Generated

The largest lead I've ever helped create was $450,000. Talk about a win!

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

The time has never been better. Build your brand now.

Some Of The Industries I'm Involved In:

While I would love to list them all, here is an assortment that shows it's truly possible for any business to win online.


Commercial Overhead Door Industry

Utilized digital sales strategy, video content and email marketing to drive massive growth with modern sales channels.


Pet Food, Treats & House Brand Creation

Developed and launched successful pet food and treat ad campaigns, eCommerce site, and video content in highly competitive industry.


Manufactured & Modular Home Sales

Enhanced online presence and lead generation for a top manufactured and modular home sales company.


Aftermarket Heavy Duty Truck Repair & Accessories

Drove growth and brand awareness for an aftermarket heavy-duty truck repair and accessories provider.


eCommerce Floral Shop & Wedding Arrangements

Created an eCommerce floral website that is clean & simple for modern shoppers. Included support for local classes.


Specialty Guide Service in Alaska

Increased bookings and reputation for a specialty guide service in Alaska through engaging digital content and web design.


Who I am & How I Can Help You.

I'm one of the only marketing professionals that has actually had to work with their hands to earn a living. While I've always been involved heavily in the online world, I love the automotive aftermarket industry. I've done 10" lift kit systems, turbo kits, superchargers, and many engine replacements. I still do! (As a hobby).

The automotive aftermarket industry got me involved with YouTube and content creation. It changed my life, and it changed that business forever. We experienced exponential growth over the course of 3 years and a strategic buyout that resulted in me living in Atlanta for a year. 

​This gives me a unique perspective that allows me to build relationships with business owners and create sales materials that actually work. My strategies and mindset doesn't match the other personas found in the 'online guru' space today.

I am a volunteer search and rescue SCUBA diver. I am a father. I am an ultrarunner with several runs of marathon+ distance.

I still enjoy the struggle and the climb more than the summit. 

Not Sure Where To Start?

These Materials Can Help. 

I've put together many of the lessons I've learned the hard way in the materials below. Why put yourself through unnecessary challenges when you can get a head start right now?


The Basics.

Setting Up Your Online-Offline Hybrid Business.

Every company can benefit from this course. It lays the fundamentals for businesses looking to grow their audience and increase revenue. Every business I consult is missing something simple.



Generating Inbound Leads and Sales (The Easy Way).

With the basics dialed in, you're ready to move into the more technical side of growth. This material covers paid advertising, strategic local partnerships and other guerilla marketing tactics.



Building Your Own Brand For Long Term Growth.

The only thing your competitor can't take away from you is you. They can be cheaper, build a 'better' product, but if your brand is stronger you will still dominate your industry.

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